15 Most Popular Internet Acronyms And Slangs

15 Most Popular Internet Acronyms And Slangs

No matter how good or not you are at socializing, certain slangs simply go above your head. These are trending, you read them in memes, text messages and almost in every informal conversation, yet these keep you wondering. So, we bring you a list of 15 popular internet acronyms and slangs that you come across every day. So the next time, you know what to reply with!

Internet Slang List

  1. CYA

CYA is an internet slang with two different meanings. First, to see you later. Second, to Cover Your A**. The later is quite a warning to protect yourself from trouble.



IMO stands for In My Opinion. You use IMO to put your thoughts forward without implying it as a universal truth. And, if you want to get even more polite in expressing your idea, then use IMHO which means In My Humble Opinion.


  1. SMH

SMH is one of the most popular acronyms on the internet slang list. Shaking My Head is applicable when you hear or read something stupid which then makes you shake your head in disappointment.


  1. DIKY

DIKY is the short form for Do I Know You. When a stranger slides into your DM (Direct Message), without wasting your time you can say DIKY?


  1. IDK

Another popular word in the internet slang list is IDK. It expresses that you do not know about the ongoing conversation – I Don’t Know (IDK).


  1. HBU

Someone asks, “How are you”? The general way to reply is, “Good, How about you”? The acronym HBU stands for How About You?


  1. LMAO

Some jokes crack you up so hard that even LOL (Laugh Out Loud) isn’t an appropriate expression. You can then say LMAO which means Laughing My A** Off.


  1. LMK

LMK is another popular internet slang. It means Let Me Know and is used to let people know that you need to be informed.


  1. Noob

Noob is internet slang for a newbie. A newbie is someone who is considered a beginner or an amateur.


  1. NVM

NVM is Nevermind. The word dismisses a situation without arguing further. Rather than fighting with your friend, send an NVM text. How’s that?


  1. OFC

OFC means Of course. It’s a regularly used term but an even more common slang. People use it in every other conversation.


  1. PNL

PNL stands for Peace and Love. You can use PNL while leaving a conversation or after the end of an argument to maintain harmony.


  1. ILY

ILY is internet slang for I Love You. If you are in the hustle and have to wrap up the chat along with showing some love, type ILY with that heart, hug or kiss emoji.


  1. TBH

TBH is short for, To Be Honest. When someone sends you TBH, then know that you are getting a confession.


  1. IDC

IDC is I Don’t Care to express that a particular thing doesn’t matter to you or that you are not bothered by it.


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