Best Backup Software For An Ultimate Data Protection

Best Backup Software For An Ultimate Data Protection

Memories, we create and share them every day. Work, we save that data each time. Important documents, photos, videos, presentations and an endless pile of storable information make way to external or internal drives. But, personal computers and laptops have a short life. They corrupt, get stolen, damage or degrade with time. Fortunately, there’s a solution to help you save the essentials and offer effortless recovery – free and best backup software for PC and laptop.


  1. Acronis Backup For Pc

Acronis creates a True Image of the chosen hard drive which can be restored to another drive in just a few clicks. It saves all the data on the device as well as the secured Cloud storage provided at a nominal fee. Also, this software secures your data on corrupt devices and contains anti-ransomware protection. Your data stays private and safe.


Download the backup software from here.


  1. CrashPlan Backup

CrashPlan offers free unlimited backup storage to the external drive or another computer on the network. If security is your priority, CrashPlan also encrypts the data once every day. The paid plans, however, advance the data protection with 448-bit encryption and auto-sync every minute.


Grab the CrashPlan software here.



  1. Paragon Backup And Recovery

Talking about the best backup software, Paragon is a tough competitor. It provides distinctive features at a comparatively lower rate. However, 30-days free trial plan also gives you access to all the data for backup which can also be restored easily. The key feature is Recovery Media 3.0 that allows you to recover data from a corrupt system. You can back up the data on external devices or another computer on the network.


Click here to download.


  1. EaseUS Todo Backup Free

If you’re looking for an affordable solution to your backup enigmas, then EaseUS Todo backup software comes handy. It offers plans for home use, business, and service providers. The software runs smoothly on Windows and Mac. You can download the software for free. But, if you want to extend the services, then you might have to pay $29 for added features like portable Windows drive, email notifications, and Outlook email backup and recovery.


Download Now.



  1. Google Drive Backup

Google Drive is amongst the best backup software for free. You don’t have to create a new account to use the service, your Gmail account does it all. 15GB of free space can be obtained from your mobile phone or desktop. However, the storage is shared with Gmail, Google docs, etc. making it a disadvantage.


Get your free space here.


  1. Dropbox Backup

It wouldn’t be wrong to refer Dropbox as the best backup software till date. It endows the users with 2GB of space which is extendable up to 18 GB through referrals. You can effortlessly move your data to Dropbox in your PC and access it over multiple platforms. Dropbox is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Linux, etc.


Experience Dropbox here.



The above-mentioned software only provides free trials (valid usually for 30-days). You’ll have to buy their advanced plans for a feature-rich experience. So, if you want to back up your data for a lifetime or a long period, check out the paid plans.


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