Facing Problems With Your WP Site? Check Out These Best WordPress Blogs

Facing Problems With Your WP Site? Check Out These Best WordPress Blogs!

Does WordPress seem to be a little difficult to understand? Are you unable to grasp the intricacies? Right from the ideation to attaining the final result – here the best 9 WordPress blogs that are all things WP. These are run by top-notch WordPress bloggers who help you in learning the WordPress structure, function, coding, themes, plugins along with future updates, as and when released.

Best WordPress Blogs

  1. Automattic By Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg is one of the top WordPress bloggers, in fact, the founder of WordPress. He’s currently working on WordPress.com and Automattic. His blog offers opinions on interesting articles from the world.


  1. Elegant Themes

If you’re someone who admires change, follow Elegant Themes. It features WordPress bloggers like Kevin Muldoon, Brenda Barron, and Jacqueline Thomas. They write about WordPress tips, tutorials, themes, plugins and necessary updates.


  1. Chris Lema Blog

Chris Lema is a popular name in the world of WordPress blogging. His blogs are about e-commerce, freelancing, memberships, e-learning and more. Chris Lema has also been called to advise the likes of WooThemes, iThemes, Reaktiv, etc.


  1. TomMcFarlin.com

This one’s unique, fairly different from others and amongst the top-rated blogs. TomMcFarlin is a source of entertainment with fun and quirky stuff that audience loves to read. Tom McFarlin, the owner, is a developer and also a blogger sharing his views on the web culture that are quite intuitive.

  1. Yoast

Yoast is built by the very talented developer and writer Joost de Valk. It’s a WordPress plugin and web optimizer. However, Yoast also has a WordPress blog that provides you with the vital information on customizing and optimizing a WP site.

  1. Matt Report

Those who wish to run their WordPress blogs with ease must follow Matt Medeiros’s Matt Report. He hosts a podcast answering people’s queries about WP agencies and ways to boost the business.


  1. Pippin’s Plugins

For all your plugin needs, turn to Pippin’s Plugins. It’s one of the top WordPress blogs that allow you to access high-quality plugins only through a paid subscription. Authorized by WordCamp speaker Pippin Williamson, this blog is an abode to full-time coders.


  1. WP Arena

WP Arena specializes in reviews, collections, and comparisons. They offer a guide to popular WordPress Plugins and how to edit your blog according to your brand.


  1. Anariel Design

The blog run by Ana Segota consists of video guides and other SEO tips on WordPress functioning. It also provides you with some premium themes that are easily workable on.

These were the 9 best WordPress blogs that every blogger, reader or writer must follow. These have a treasure of knowledge which only helps you in achieving your business and personal goals.


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