Free & Automated Social Bookmarking Tools To Boost Your Web Traffic

Free & Automated Social Bookmarking Tools To Boost Your Web Traffic

Business for online content creators come majorly from the number of visits on their site along with advertisements or product sale. Social bookmarking is, therefore, one of the methods to boost a site’s traffic and eventually improve the search engine ranking. It’s a process of submitting or sharing links to popular public websites that collect the data and accordingly present users with info they require.
We, as creators, especially use social bookmarking tools to exhibit our content and increase popularity. But now, there are over 50 such portals and posting one by one gets pretty hectic. So, what can be of help? Automated social bookmarking tools come to your rescue. These allow better functionality as well as a hassle-free submission.

Best Automated Social Bookmarking Tools
Here are 5 free online social bookmark submitters – because saving time and energy is precious and so is every single submission!

  1.   OnlyWire

Out of all the free online social bookmarking submitters, OnlyWire is the most effective tool that allows automatic submission to more than 45 popular websites including Web 2.0, Social Network, and more. OnlyWire works impressionably with WordPress.


Connect the OnlyWire plugin with your WordPress blog and experience hourly updates along with the submissions. This social bookmarking tool suggests analytics to trace the social media performance as well as footprint. The tool is affordable and efficient. Price plans do not disappoint since they are cheap and do not compromise on quality. But, you can also create your free account here.

  1.   SocialAdr

SocialAdr is one popular automated social bookmarking tool. It’s a browser-based (semi-automated) plugin that is pretty different from other social bookmark submitters.


At SocialAdr, you set up your account, submit the bookmarks, and also bookmark others. Why? Because for bookmarking others, you get a credit which is utilized when your bookmarks are shared. What’s even more interesting is how your posts get backlinks and popularity this way. However, if bookmarking others is not your cup of tea, then you can opt for the paid version. For more information, visit their site here.

  1.   Social Marker

Falling under the category of semi-automated social bookmarking tools, Social Maker is another exciting one to help you grow your business. After you create your account on all the major social bookmarking sites, you will be able to submit bookmarks to over 50 of them without any troubles. So, get started here.

  1.   Social Monkee

Social Monkee is a free and automated social bookmarking tool. This software automatically signs you up for 25 different social bookmarking sites. So, this way, you can create 25 backlinks regularly without paying a penny. What else?, Social Monkee gives you an upgrade of 100 URLs thrice every day if you manage to refer the tool to 12 other people. Dig the gold mine here.

  1.   IMAutomator

IMAutomator is a fully automated tool for promotional activities making it the smoothest running social bookmarking tool. The software signs up for all the accounts and literally does everything for you. You just need to submit the content and choose the speed of submission. Rest, the IMAutomator platform handles it all. Begin your free trial here.


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