WhatsApp is one of the best social networking messengers, people use these days. Many people, all over the world, for different reasons, use this messenger. Most of the people use it for chatting. Sending or receiving videos is one of the major things; you can do with this popular social networking messenger. There are different kinds of videos you can get from it.

Funny videos are one of the interesting videos than others. Do you have a lot of work to do and other responsibilities on your head? Then, it is important to make yourself laugh and smile in these stressed situations. You can make this thing possible for you, using the WhatsApp videos of funny category. You can ask your friend to send you some funny videos.

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There is an easy and quick way to get WhatsApp funny videos, using the internet.You can find Various  funny videos. All videos are free of cost. You can download it .  Download the WhatsApp funny videos to see in your free time. This way, you can easily get videos online for WhatsApp.

Top funny whatsapp videos for downloads

1. Man singing songs in different way- Top funny WhatsApp videos


2. Man watching Lady Ass while doing Gym – Top funny WhatsApp videos


3. Lady driving  Bike and See what happen Next – Top funny WhatsApp videos


4.Small kid launching while massaging– Top funny WhatsApp videos


5. Small kid drink and See what happen Next- Top funny WhatsApp videos